Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship

Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship

We are focused on actionable insights and continuous improvement. Our delivery creates change. It’s personal, deep and engaging.

Our programme has been created in a way that enables learning,
ownership and change.

  • Through a combination of workshops
  • Masterclasses led by experienced business leaders
  • One-to-one coaching and building of ‘My Story’
  • A collection of practical examples of workplace application.

Participants will learn the essential skills to harness their strengths and translate them into a unique and powerful leadership style that can thrive in any environment, especially one where women are in the minority.

Being the first Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship aimed at women, the course intends to ignite female talent and unlock their higher potential.

About the

Who’s it for?

The Senior Leader Level 7 apprenticeship has been designed for women transitioning into senior or strategic management roles who are looking to develop their leadership skills.

Your mentors

The programme provides women with the unique opportunity to be mentored by senior leaders with experience in small and large organisations. Our mentors have been carefully selected for their extensive business experience, leadership capability and commitment to meaningful development.

Qualification level:
Level 7

Typical Entry requirements:
GCSE English and Maths Grade C/4 or higher.
Management experience at least 3 years.

16-17 months – 14 months programme, plus 8 -12 weeks for End Point Assessment with CMI

Professional registration links:
Chartered Management Institute

(Your employer will either use the apprenticeship levy or pay a 5% contribution)

Female Leader

The network you will build in itself is a huge opportunity. Through monthly in person meetings and online support groups, you’ll have the chance to integrate with like-minded women and overcome challenges others have already faced, together.

The result
Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship

More opportunities

Build a wider network, gain knowledge and obtain an accredited qualification, assessed by the CMI (Chartered Management Institute).

Accelerated career growth

Accelerated career growth, complete with your accredited apprenticeship, you will become a key asset and an essential part of your companies growth.

Showcase your skills

Evidence your expertise and show personal impact, with coaching to showcase “Your Story” and support to develop and present a Strategic Business Proposal.

Increased earning potential

Your knowledge and skills come at a price in today’s economy.
How is this

This programme is fully funded through the apprenticeship levy.

For those not paying into the apprenticeship levy, the course is available at 5% of £14,000 (£700).

Next programme starts: 18th September 2024

The induction will be held on Tuesday 18th September, with teaching commencing on Wednesday 16th October. Please note all applicants must apply by 31st July.

Bookings now open


Sound like you?

asked questions

This programme is aimed at women in middle management roles who are looking to progress into senior leader roles.

Our ethos is to enable women into senior positions, particularly in sectors and industries where women are under-represented.

Yes, with many changes to apprenticeships over the years, individuals and employers are harnessing the power of the levy to upskill and develop succession planning in their organisations.

They will need to support you and approve your place on the programme via a contract and an agreement, which we’ll work on behind the scenes.

You will be supported by either your line manager or a suitable mentor in the workplace to facilitate your skills development. 

Working with your programme lead, you’ll gain exposure and experience as a Senior Leader and develop your own brand of leadership. Your manager/mentor will attend your progress reviews with your programme leader, plotting and supporting your journey.

You will need to dedicate 3 hours for your own development and study time weekly. In addition, you’ll spend a further 3 hours putting your new skills into practice. This contributes to the “off-the-job” training. As a Senior Leader you’ll work this around your regular working week.

To summarise, you’ll spend a day a month for 14 months attending classroom workshops, supported by one-to-ones as needed with your own dedicated programme lead. You will log your time as you go. At the end of the programme, you will continue your study time to complete your business proposal, ready to present this to the CMI.

At the end of the programme, you will complete an external assessment (End Point Assessment) through the CMI. Once complete, you will receive accreditation as a Senior Leader at Level 7 and you’ll be able to use the nominal CMgr MCMI. The assessment will consist of a presentation and Q &A of your strategic business proposal, followed by a professional discussion of your experience documented in “My Story”. 

We limit spaces to 20 per programme, this is so that we can ensure you get dedicated and tailored support from your programme lead.

You can start the process by registering your interest, followed by an informal discussion with our programme leads. They’ll review your experience, complete a skills scan to ensure the programme is suitable, and assess your proficiency in English and Maths.

The final stage is to meet with your manager and mentor to share your training plan and then, that’s it, you’re off!

The induction will be held on Tuesday 18th September, with teaching commencing on Wednesday 16th October.